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By Attending Daybreak Seminars you will gain more personal freedom, feel more Joy, Passion and Peace in your Life. You will create a stronger more Loving relationship with yourself and Others.  

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Daybreak Seminars is held in a small group setting and is held twice a year. Go to the Current Events page to check out our up and coming Dates



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You are not who you think you are, YOU are so much More!

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Daybreak was established in 1988 and has helped hundreds of folks recapture the Loving child within, heal their hearts and expand into greater Joy, creativity and internal peace, helping to enhance their relationship with themselves and others. We are all born with Love, Trust and Belief in our hearts, along the way life conditions us to fall away from some of this trust and wonderment. 
Daybreak provides a safe and powerful experience to guide you back to that place of Wholeness!

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