"The Daybreak Seminars led me to revolutionize every facet of my life, infusing passion into a new marriage, family and professional life. Twelve years later, I live my life "on purpose". I returned to college, completed a B.A. and earned a Ph.D. Life has continual challenges, but I meet them as opportunities to learn and grow."

.... Margaret Beebe-Frankenberger, Phd
"Daybreak helped me to become a better wife, mother, teacher and friend but more important, it helped our entire family to heal the wounds of past hurts, communicate our feelings and become a close-knit, loving family."

.... Connie Jury, English teacher
"Neither my upbringing, formal education nor corporate America had ever prepared me to learn the truths about myself or given me the tools I received from Daybreak. It transformed my life into rich, meaningful relationships with my wife, kids, parents, family, friends and me. My career and financial successes have multiplied beyond my imagination. Best of all my kids no longer have to deal with my issues and have become huge successes on their own!"

.... Joe Ruiz, CPA & Stockbroker
"Daybreak is an incredible opportunity to release limiatations to greater health, wealth and happiness. The awareness I gained has given me greater clarity of purpose in my life and tools to bring forth the humor, wisdom and compassion inherent in us all."

.... Dan Hoekstra, Minister
A Testimonial Letter from Mike Huntley

Toni & Char,  I'm not sure you'll remember me but I went through your program back in Nov, 1989. Someone recently asked me about Daybreak and I was glad to see that you are still going helping to change the world one soul at a time. It's hard for me to believe that it has almost been 25 years since I was banging that stupid towel on your floor and channeling "The Boss" but somehow all of that worked and changed my perspective and my life. You helped to access all that I needed to head down my path and that was to find my feelings and feel them. My wife, Mary (Redeman) Huntley went through Daybreak shortly after we met in 1993 and we were married in 1994. Our first daughter, Hope was born in 1995 and the younger one, Frankie, was born in 2000. Mary was diagnosed with leukemia 2003 and was treated at UCLA. She went into remission after her treatment and stayed cancer free until 2009 when it came back. She was again treated at UCLA and unfortunately passed away in 2011. Luckily Mary and I had been through your program and were able to cherish everything we had up until, and through, her death. I've been all around the world and met hundreds of wonderful people but Mary was the most amazing person I have ever met and I was lucky enough to live with her for almost 20 years. I wish she was back every moment but I wouldn't change anything we had. I truly feel that I am the luckiest man in the world. The love we have is something that most people don't get for 5 minutes in a lifetime. It seems that much of the great things that have come my way have been achieved as a result of the tools you taught me while I was at Daybreak. I have my feelings and that is all I need for from those I have created a love within my family, and beyond, that will carry me through whatever comes. It has not been easy, and I don't expect it to be for if it is a life well lived it cannot be achieved without much work. Through it all, my foundation for what I have achieved was built at Daybreak will always carry me through what lies ahead for me. I hope your participants realize how lucky they are just to be in your room (I'm sure they don't feel that way on the Friday night of the 3 Day!), but they truly are the chosen ones for some reason and it will become obvious somewhere down the line. Where appropriate, please feel free to share my story with those that feel they can't make it. Thanks again for everything you have given me and I wish you all, and the program, continued success.

Love, Mike Huntley

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